Loved everything I have tried from Lacinda Naturopatica which includes Super B liquid complex, Blackmores Magcal Plus supplements. I also had the pleasure of using Lacinda’s home made 100% natural Lip Balm and a lovely natural soap bar for my hair(Best ever) for scalp conditions. I have to be careful of what I use these days as I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer & full hysterectomy(37 yrs old) last year and can’t just use anything now as my body and skin is weak from treatment and I’ve loved all Lacinda’s advise and direction for helping my body cope with the post recovery from what my bodies gone through. Felt a connection as soon as I met the lovely Ilca. Look no further Lacinda Naturopatica is amazing at what she does and understands your needs, we crossed paths for a reason and I’m glad we did!! Don’t waste time and money on chemist brands when you can get more natural items here. Hair soap bar has stripped my hair and made it so healthy and feeling alive!!!
— Laura, Facebook

After trying Ilca’s all natural lip balm, I can’t go back to using anything else. Not only does it contain only the highest quality ingredients, but it actually works so much better than anything else. Now I use it every day and it’s also perfect to prevent chapped lips when running in the wind or cold. I take it everywhere I go
— Zoe, Facebook

Ilca’s deodorant is the ONLY one that I will use from now on! After trying numerous brands and so-called natural products that all left rashes, my skin now has completely healed, feels normal and fresh after using her wonderful product. Thank you Ilca! The first aid cream is our household staple for soothing bites and scratches for our little ones as well.
— Jacinta, Facebook

Very knowledgeable and passionate! Explains things in simply terms - thanks Ilca, you are beautiful
— Jackie, Facebook

Would like to share my experience with Lacinda Naturopathica, I have gained much needed knowledge on how to care for my skin through Ilca’s advice and skin product - first aid 4 skin.
This product soothes and eases the pain while also helping the healing process of my eczema flare ups and sores! Also providing me with knowledge and tips on how to manage my eczema, which started my healing journey!
Big thank you to Ilca & defiantly recommend getting in touch!!
— Kelly, Facebook

Love the Skin first aid!
— Tara, Facebook