My Personal Health Story


When my children were toddlers, I started experiencing gastrointestinal issues with sporadic painful episodes here and there. I was working in a busy office in a managerial position, so I put it down to the elevated “stress” levels.

My former GP promptly diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and directed me to many over-the-counter medications. However, it did not improve as my nutrition did not change (nor was I advised to do so).

I ended up seeing a naturopath for other reasons. After a thorough iridology, tongue, and nail examination, he declared I should avoid gluten and that I had to re-build my intestinal flora with some high-quality supplements, and gave me a list of foods to eat and to avoid.

I followed all of the advice and my health slowly started to improve. Stress was a common trigger in my life that would bring on gut pain, but this time I was hospitalized. During my time in hospital, the word “cancer” was freely thrown around by the doctors who examined me.

I was terrified by these suggestions of cancer; I had young children, and I was too young to contemplate death. After all of this, a biopsy of my gastrointestinal system was finally taken and I was formally diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

(In my early 20’s I had already been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease (Vitiligo), so deep down I believed that this was no coincidence.)

Being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease was a relief to say the least, however the specialist didn’t provide me with any nutritional advice. When I asked, I was told to keep a diary and record the symptoms after eating and then take it from there. This was a private specialist that I paid top-dollar to see and provide me some real assistance, but I was left in the dark instead.

What came next in my life was more stress; my mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, I went through a difficult divorce, and had to moved interstate.

In 2013, while I was studying my three Advanced Diplomas in Natural Medicine, my mother passed away.

That was a new low for me; my stress levels were consistently high and had been for awhile. I had adrenal fatigue and was unaware that I had become insulin-resistant, so slowly but surely my weight started to increase.

I went to the GP to check my thyroid as I believed I had developed a third auto-immune disorder (Hashimotos), but my test results came back normal; he said I was very healthy and there was no apparent reason for my weight-gain. Again, I was offered medication instead of diet advice.

Before this I never had problems with my weight, even after having both of my children, so I was at a loss. I tried many types of exercise programs (bootcamps, functional training, cardio 6 days a week), as well as a lot of different diets (ketogenic, paleo, vegetarian, intermittent fasting). I ate well-proportioned meals with specific macro levels, made up of fresh/organic/high-quality foods, but nothing worked.

I was beyond frustrated; growing up in Italy, all I ate was fresh wholesome foods, nor I didn’t drink alcohol much, but despite this I put on 30kg in 5 years. I knew I had leaky gut syndrome as my vitamin and mineral levels were never stable. I also suffered from very heavy periods, which caused me to be anaemic. This contributed to my insomnia, low-energy levels and brain fog.

I was very upset by this seemingly sudden weight gain because, as a naturopath, I knew there was a missing piece to this puzzle, a vital piece that would make sense of all this and help reverse these heinous symptoms I was experiencing.

The answer came mid-2018 with the Metabolic Balance diet; my good friend Jeanette, also a naturopath, had just qualified as an MB practitioner. She also had weight issues but was achieving amazing results through this diet, so I signed up as her client.

When my personalized plan came through, I was amazed at how specific it was. Jeanette said that mine was one of the strictest plans she had seen, and with multiple conditions like mine it was no surprise. I had very high levels of inflammations, and my hormones were completely out of whack!

So here I am, six months later, almost 20kg down (without a heavy gym routine), and most of my previous symptoms finally stabilized. I sleep well, I have energy, and I want to do things. For the first time since being diagnosed, my coeliac disease is under control, my leaky gut is finally healing, and I don’t live in pain anymore.

The meals are incredibly easy to prepare, as well as personally nourishing for me body; I felt that they were the right foods for me. With no guessing or wasting time and a precise set of instructions, I had finally found the manual for me.

Let’s face it, life isn’t easy; my story is the story of many people, and this is why I became a Metabolic Balance practitioner. I want people to know that there is an answer to their problems and that they don’t need to buy into the propaganda of the weight-loss industry.

Food is medicine, but it can also be poison.

Metabolic Balance cuts through all the confusion and gets to the heart of YOU. This is the one of the best and most foolproof, nutritionally-complete systems out there. No nutritional plan is the same because no human being is the same, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a very personalized experience that’ll work for you.