“Healthy You” Naturopathic/Nutrition Package


- 1 initial and 3 standard consultations over 3 months with 3 Bio-impedance tests
- nutritional assessment
- nutrition plan

Each plan will be designed individually for each client based on their personal information and specific need/health concern at the time.

Supplements may be prescribed as and if needed. Supplement costs are not included in package price

Shopping Tour

60 MINUTES $50 (solo)
60 MINUTES $30 p/p (group, 2-5 people)

The “Shopping Tour” experience involves the practitioner meeting you at a local supermarket and being taken through the aisles, investigating the nutritional labels of the main food groups. This is an interactive session that allows clients to get immediate answers to specific questions and misconceptions about common household food products. The client will be provided with a booklet with notes taking sections and printed info on how to shop smarter, reading labels and so on.

This is a great initial session option if you are skeptical or not 100% sure and need affirmation that is backed up by knowledge and research. This is also a good follow-up session option if you would like a more “out in the field” experience with the opportunity to be directed to healthier alternatives.

NOTE: The “Shopping Tour” is currently only able to be conducted within the local vicinity of the business. Thank you for your understanding.

“Clean Your Pantry” Session

**Information coming soon**

Corporate Nutritional Health Packages & Talks

**Please inquire for pricing**

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements as there are different package options offered.

A comprehensive health and symptom questionnaire is to be completed prior to your initial consultation.
Clients are required to sign my
Terms of Service agreement before or at the start of their initial consultation.