Private Health Insurance reforms your rights - YOUR choices have been removed

So the issue is this.

 Medical science has, no doubt, made some amazing discoveries using a drug based intervention paradigm. 

The problem is that, pharmaceutical interventions are targeted at symptom management only.

Rarely does complete healing take place.  Drug interventions are often for extended periods of time.

Then this pharma treatment paradigm leads us into the number 3 killer in the American health system ... Iatrogenesis ... death from the interventions that are supposed to be helping us, aka side effects… 

Modern medical /pharmaceutical treatments /interventions have become very ineffective at managing and curing the tidal wave of autoimmune conditions/ allergies/food sensitivities/chronic inflammation/ caused by the nutritional changes imposed by the same as well as the ever evolving food industry. 

I have personally suffered from a number of very serious medical conditions caused by autoimmune disorders where conventional treatments did not only not work, they  also offered little to no help in managing it , however thanks to naturopathy and nutritional medicine I can confidently say that  now I am better and that I am healing…all without  using pharmaceuticals treatments. 

Diet changes, mineral balancing, targeted (good quality) supplements/vitamins, lifestyle changes, stress management have effectively healed me where all else has failed.

 And I mean healed ...not symptom management, healed all because the root of the problem was properly identified and addressed. 

There are tens of thousands of valid research papers from reputable research laboratories and universities which have backed this for the last 30 years or more.

So we can confidently say that it has been proven that the allopathic way is NOT the only way/ font of all wisdom,.

Furthermore let us not forget where it all started, several thousands of years ago with the tribal medicine person who relied on nature for healing.

To restrict the choice of modality to a pharma only approach is just plain wrong ... and dumb ... and arrogant and pretentious.

Our government has fallen onto a double standard approach, on one hand for the last decade they have approved courses in tertiary studies for natural medicine all over the country, sparking an increase in enrollments in those modalities and with that they have encouraged thousands of Australians to apply for a Vet Fee loan, on the other hand with the latest decisions, they are ripping the earning under the very feet of those graduates by removing 95% of natural therapies from the private health funds, yet the Vet Fee loans remains- however the way to repay it is effectively gone. So where is the fairness in this?

Ilca Andrikis